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The New 14,6ft Assassin Bluefish Rods

Cast further than ever before, all three variants of the ever popular Assassin Bluefish Range are now available in 14,6ft 2-4oz or 3-5oz.

I have been using the 14,6ft Bluefish Classic 3-5oz and find it such a versatile rod. The longer length is ideal for wading then surf cast and off the rocks allows you to reach the back and outer reefs. Probably best suited to the 4 and 5oz sinker range, even with a decent size bait it casts very well. Curve and overall feel of the rod are superb and you can fish with confidence for even larger fish. Starting from only R 2499 and upwards these new 14,6ft rods are within the budget of most anglers. The 3 piece slimline design offers all the modern grinder angler could ask for.

Browse Online: http://shop.bilimoria.co.za/index.php?route=product/search&search=assassin%20bluefish&category_id=59

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Costa Sunglasses – Premium Quality Polarized Eye Protection


Costa Sunglasses are always in stock at Bilimoria Fishing. Although not cheap, these offer the very best in lens quality and performance for premium polarized sunglasses. Ideal for any fisherman, but particularly useful for lure casters to spot more fish and also for any boat/deep sea angler to protect your eyes from hours of sun and glare. Starting from R 3999, we ship nationwide, gladly chat to us nabout the lens colour and frame options. Shop Online: http://shop.bilimoria.co.za/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3886&search=costa